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Lucy Yang
2017-03-30 13:19:32 UTC
The issue is closely related to your company name "lopsa",please forward it to your company's top management. Thanks!
Dear President&CEO,
We are the organization specializing in network consulting and registration authorized by Chinese government. On March 29. 2017,a applicant named Mr. Jimmy Zhou from POT Technologies Co., Ltd wants to record and register the brand name lopsa and some domains by our office.
After our preliminary review and verification,we find POT Technologies Co., Ltd has nothing to do with your company. But If you have permitted this company to apply these names, or you think the application will not damage the interests of your company,please allow us to fulfill all the registration for POT Technologies Co., Ltd. If you against the company's application,please let me know by email ASAP.
Best Regards,

Lucy Yang
General Manager of Registration department
Address:No. 36 BeiJing Road,Hefei 230001,China
Tel: (+86) 0739-5215980
Fax:(+86) 0739-5215980
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