[lopsa-tech] Openshift at scale...
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2018-10-07 20:32:58 UTC
$WORK has apparently tried two or three times in the past (before I joined)
to do useful work with Openshift. Apparently unsuccessful, there is little
writ about what was done (probably contributory to the lack of success).

While I've worked some with Docker, I find myself assigned with the next
attempt at building an Openshift implementation, though the final goal
(i.e. what they want to do with it) is - hazy, at best.

I'm digging through the organization trying to determine who in the
development side of things has great plans with Openshift in them, I have
little to go on in the operational world in terms of meaningful operations
planning and work.

Oh, and we want to use Openshift Origin because it's <cough> free. And I
can't join the Openshift community because $WORK doesn't want me to say
what I'm working on in public.

Yes, the hackles are up on the back of my neck.

Whatever, Im looking for some contacts who are, as it were, "using
Openshift in anger" (or maybe you're just angry at Openshift ?) with a view
to having some names I can ask should I need ideas....

Tim Kirby
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