[lopsa-tech] Active Directory change tracking
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Florian Rossmark
2018-07-20 15:37:16 UTC
(moved this to LOPSA Tech Discussions - sorry, seems like I had the wrong
group initially)

So, I have a question to the Windows administrators out there, what do you
do or use for change tracking in Active Directory?

Personally I just published an asset management on my website that does
that, but I thought about writing a proper application with a service that
would do that more advanced.

Worked with free editions of netwrix, but that's not helpful in the free
version. Don't remember if spiceworks did that, I had several times big
speed issues with it over time in bigger environments.

On a side note, if someone wants to have the link to the existing free
asset management, feel free to contact me, do not want to use this list to
promote that, I'm more curious about what you all use and what you actually
would expect to see. All the stuff I published is free, not planning to
change that with any further stuff. It's all stuff I use daily and simply

The goal so far was to see what changed over time, daily summary emails.
Currently only users, groups, computers and the group relations of all of
them are in my scope, of course you wouldn't see who changed something,
cause this is hidden in what ever domain controller was used and it's
security logs, if I'm not mistaken. But at least you can see what changed.
*Before I invest private time to develop something others can freely use
the questions I have are:*

- what is everyone using
- is there even interest in something like that
- what would be the minimum expectation it would need to do
- any other opinions

If there is no interest in threads like that, let me know.

Florian Rossmark
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