[lopsa-tech] Cloudflare vs AWS WAF
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Morgan Blackthorne
2018-07-16 02:51:06 UTC
I host several sites (Wordpress, primarily) on a set of EC2 instances. The
sites are behind Cloudflare, which goes to an ELB behind the scenes. I'm
wondering how good the security filtering Cloudflare provides is, and if I
should put WAF in between Cloudflare and the ELB. Wordpress is a definite
hacking target for script kiddies due to its popularity, so I'm leaning
towards using WAF to cover my bases, but I wanted to get some feedback here
to see if it would be redundant and just decrease performance. I will note
that I only have one customer doing any selling on his site, and that's via
a PayPal integration, so I don't have to confirm to PCI-DSS levels of
security, just industry best practices.

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