[lopsa-tech] Rack Screws
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Jason Healy
2017-07-21 12:53:56 UTC
I've spent several hours looking online and I think I'm going cross-eyed.

TL;DR: does anyone have rack screws that they like for a 12-24 threaded rack?

We have some great thumbscrews that we use in our racks. They're knurled which makes it easy to start them by hand while you're installing equipment:


However, those only come in 10-32 threads. A contractor installed a new 12-24 rack here and its too late to disassemble and take back out. The screws that came with it strip easily, so I've requested a bucket of something "better" to use with the rack.

Anyone have a source for 12-24 knurled rack screws?

Or, does anyone have 12-24 that they like (with a drive mechanism or channel depth that doesn't strip easily)? I've found several things that are close but nothing is quite there. The best I got were some knurled-head hex drive, but the head wasn't big enough to hold the equipment in without washers.


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